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Hull length
6,22 m
Length on waterline
5,54 m
2,35 m
Draft keel
1,44 m
Draft with a raised keel
0,35 m
Ballast weight
200 kg
Main sail
17,20 m2
8,50 m2
38 m2
Sergio Lupoli
DescriptionDetailed specificationsVideoExteriorInteriorScheme of yacht
COMET 21COMET 21The Comet 21 project is based on the idea of a mass production, high performance, fun sports boat, of a reasonable size and price, targeting an extended range of customers from beginners to skilled racers avid for technology and competition. Except for a very limited number of cutting edge models, offered at exorbitant prices though, the boats on the market are to be considered outdated in terms of hull lines, equipment and construction techniques. For this reason, the Comet 21 major design highlights are not only its high performance, but also its extreme user-friendliness, ease of transportation and, last but not least, its purchase and maintenance cost containment. The creation of a Comet 21 boat owners association will contribute to the promotion of sailing through participation in boat meetings and class regattas. One-design rules will ensure limitation of sails and equipment costs, and create a level playing field, making participation in elapsed time races technically interesting and rewarding. These technical specifications were eminently interpreted by COMAR YACHTS. The Italian yachtbuilding company which manufactures our Comet 21 makes use of high performance materials and state-of-the-art technologies, usually difficult to find in production boats. It can thus offer a product perfectly tailored to the latest market requisites. The hull and deck are made using a vacuum sandwich technique, with special attention to the fibre orientation of biaxial tissues laminated by epoxy vinyl coating before undergoing a 60C postcure. The spacious cockpit is specially designed to offer top manoeuvrability and optimal comfort for the helmsman and headsail trimmer during regattas. The lifting keel, made of a composite technology centreboard blade with a lead ballasted bulb, enables to reduce the draft if appropriate, and allows for easy transportation, with the hull sitting low on the trailer. The removable spade rudder is assembled with a case. The carbon fiber bowsprit is made in autoclave. It is tapered and retractable. The carbon fiber mast, also tapered, is in two parts

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