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FreeBird 39
FreeBird 39
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PrincePower 61
Apartament 39
Apartament 39
We invite you to see the most beautiful house on the water: "Free Bird". Their design is the result of years of experience Profboat Design Studio, since 1980, we designs and builds yachts. Hundred square meters of usable area makes it comfortable to live big family ,taking guests, to relax and even work. This is office, looking on it your competitors can only envy. It is equipped with all that has modern house or boat: heating, air conditioning, communications, home appliances, jacuzzi, sauna, two bathrooms, water, sewerage, electricity, drive motors, rescue equipment, navigation equipment, electricity generation and many other surprises. It is a dream about water house. But you do not need receive a build permition, purchase land, it not concern restriction of water save bans. Water objects in the joint ownership to your home can stand and swim anywhere! You can live where you want. Even in reserves. Financing this purchase can be carried out through leasing scheme, and as well as the social funds your company
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