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ARCTIC Commuter 25
ARCTIC Commuter 25

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Since no other boats on the market boast the same combination of qualities as Agapi today, we have no direct competitors on the market yet. We believe this will change. We can see signs of attempts from parts of the industry. This is good for us and we will benefit from more actors promoting this segment. Even though some people still might classify our boat as a RIB, more and more understand the nature of Agapi, a perfect marriage between a RIB and a conventional family boat. Our ambition is to establish and own the lead of a new emerging market segment. The second hand market for conventional boats is today the biggest challenge for Agapi. It affects both willingness to sell old boats (trade in value) and represents an attractive alternative for some of our potential customers, given the drastic drop in prices during the last few years. When we address the subject of competition, we need to point out the difference between selling boats and selling boating. Agapi sells boating. We create a network of minds alike and we cater for them. We add value, freedom and solutions to a modern boating life that maximises time on water. Agapi talks with and listens to customers and invites Agapi boat owners to participate in development meetings and sharing experiences. Agapi connects customers with each other and across markets. We as owners and founders live our product promise. We build relationships with people who simply want more from their boating. Our focus on, and ability to build and nurture our network of ambassadors and owners is a clear differentiator. This is also a model for conquering new markets, creating credibility without heavy marketing and establishing organic growth on demanding early adopters. All of the above is hard to copy for a big and traditional boat company. In this sense, we do not have any competitors today and we are actually creating a completely new niche of product
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