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Performance yacht MAXI
MAXI 1200
MAXI 1200
MAXI 1300
MAXI 1300
      In this section, presented the models of yachts with a steering wheel shipyard Maxi Yachts. These yachts are an excellent choice for those to whom above all is important with comfort and convenience control the vessel, for whom safety on the the boat - not empty sound. Swedish sailing yachts with a steering wheel shipyard MAXI YACHTS widely are known all over the world and have shown themselves from the best party, as high-quality yachts, capable of their technical properties satisfy needs of of the most exacting lover of yachting.

Sports Sailing Yachts
Maxi SM 40
Maxi SM 40
      There is swedish sports sailing yachts shipyard MAXI YACHTS in this group, which in its technical characteristics does not concede to more eminent brands. Navigability of of yachts MAXI has long been known all over the world, and with use of modern shipbuilding technologies, this quality will be released on a completely different level, even more high, than previously.

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     Maxi Yachts is one of the leading and most respected shipyards in Europe. Maxi brand name for decades been synonymous with well-built boats, and outstanding performance. Today, Maxi Yachts produces yachts developed world champion and Olympic medalist Pelle Petterson.
     The concept of building boats Maxi Yachts has led to more than 16,000 boats were launched from the shipyard. In terms of production, Maxi is a successful synthesis of advanced technology, modern production methods combined with traditional craftsmanship.
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