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DELPHIA NanoDELPHIA NanoDELPHIA NanoSTOP production on shipyard!
The long-anticipated Delphia Nano is a modern tribute to traditional Dutch displacement boats and is perfect for fishing fans.
Even at first glance, the Nano is bound to be noticed, featuring:
• a wide array of safety solutions;
• stylish looks and high quality finish;
• a competitive price tag;
• a lifting outboard motor for shallower ability and mooring stern to shore
• curb weight suitable for transportation on a boat trailer;
• cockpit design ensures easy opening and closing;
• optional creature comforts include hot water, shower, TV, mounts for bikes and fishing rods;
• full standing height inside;
• a pivoting centerboard, easily and safely lifted in case of accidental groundings;
• excellent maneuverability when navigating narrow harbors and ports
• customizable hull paintjob, available in a range of colors.

Price EXW shipyard PL от 29 990 € (with Mercury 9,9 h.p. - 32 999 € )

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Cabins, toilets
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Saloon, galley
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Electrical installation
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Water installation
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Gas installation


Navigational instruments
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green color - the recommended option
orange color - currently on the shipyard it is mandatory

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