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     Motor catamaran is a vessel whose movement is due to the presence of motors. The principle of movement is the same as that of the motor yachts. The main advantage of this type of catamarans - the ability to develop high speed and with significantly less fuel consumption. In the galley at the same time have the opportunity to sit at the tables, cook, work for chart table, while not interfering each other. The ceilings are very high, as in the cabins that in the mess - in any environment can be upright stand still. Another advantage, which refers to the catamaran is a great comfort that is provided on a boat users. For example, if a monohull yachts conditioners are rather rare, then the catamaran is found in almost all the time. Sometimes placed and other ventilation systems that are more convenient in that consume much less electricity. There are many other little things that add comfort. Even in small catamarans often four latrine, each with Holding Tank, showers, etc. .. There are to two refrigerators in the galley, In each cabin with two sockets, 12 and 220 volts.
     To finally understand what is a catamaran - you need to go to sea. When at a speed of 20 knots and waves of 2 meters spray does not hit the windshield, and your family is quietly going about their business (read the book, have lunch without worrying that something will fall, break or be damaged) - and here comes understanding why catamarans soon becomes a king of the seas and oceans.
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