Motor Yachts

All-weather Motor Yachts (for open sea)

Yachts category All-weather or for OPEN Sea Motor Yachts are demonstrating a possibility of freedom, so often OPEN prefer solid and self-confident people who have achieved success in any area. Often, that kind boats/yachts constructed with deep-V hull at least 19. It possible to spend time in open sea conditions with real waves and wind. Yachts in this category are perfect for those who like the sea breeze and the feeling of freedom!

Motor yachts with flybridge

This section presents the various models Yachts Flybridge, that is, a boat with an open area on the cabin of the vessel (boat, etc.) with additional control station and seats for passengers. Reduces the availability of high-speed characteristics flybridge yacht that classifies similar yachts to quiet "family" type, while the high-speed boat look more open and aggressive youth. Flybridge - a perfect place for sun and air baths. Yacht owners with flybridge receive pleasure from using them!

Displacement Motor Yacht

Displacement Motor Yacht - class motor yacht, designed to move only in the displacement mode (without the possibility of release on plane). Characterized not by high-speed, quiet and comfortable speed, low noise of the engine. The speed of the average displacement yacht 06 - 08 knots, due to the theoretical dependence of the length of the waterline. Model with a longer body (for example up to 14-15 m) can develop a high speed, but not more than 3-4 knots plus. Another feature - the fuel consumption and greater autonomy (at times exceeding the autonomy of planing vessels). In this class of ships, our company has been working with a line of motor yachts DELPHIA Escape shipyard Delphia Yachts. Boats are equipped with highly reliable yacht diesel Volvo-Penta, Yanmar, Nanni (at your option) Capacity 21-270 HP (Your choice) with a very low fuel consumption (1-2 liters per hour) and autonomy of 900 miles. There are more eco-friendly option with silent electric motors! (Stored energy for the whole day). The yacht is approved for use in Europe on the reservoirs and environmental areas where other vessels are not allowed. Motor Yachts line DELPHIA Escape is a very good compromise between cost, ergonomics, space and aesthetics and provide a comfortable location for up to ten (12) persons. Very large deck - sandek where you can relax and sunbathe or enjoy the view. On sandeke can have a second full-featured control room (a great alternative to flying bridge). These yachts are suited not only to private owners, who are accustomed to the comfortable water-based recreation, and charter companies, hotels and all the institution, one way or another connected with rest of the water.

Motor Boat, the English equivalent, a description of all vessels with a motor (without sails). Motor Yachts - a class of ships, with stationary engines and sufficient equipment to stay on board. Such a home on the water. Motor yachts can be fast-planing or leisurely - displacement. But in any case this is more than just a vehicle.
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